Drawn up for your particular needs, we 'll measure and draw your property 'from scratch', update existing plans or draw up your renovation ideas. Whatever it is you want to illustrate please just ask, we're here to help.

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We specialize in creating 'as-built' floor plans from measurements taken on site - which show the home as it's actually built.

Just contact us to arrange a site visit. Allow an hour per 1,000 sq ft to measure - and plans will be emailed to you in 5 business days.

Inside Advantage was quick, exacting and responsive in the work they did for us.
— Jay Taylor, Snowcover Sports

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We'll update any existing plans you have, whether it's over-sized blueprints, old photocopies or hand-drawn sketches, and provide you with clear, attractive, up-to-date floor plans.

Preliminary building plans can be updated to show additions or renovations, or we can simplify architectural drawings.

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Add furnishings, colouring, a site plan or other custom details to create a memorable presentation which highlights your property's special features. 

Illustrate furnishings being sold with your home, creative landscaping, outbuildings or how close the ski run or Valley trail is to your back door!